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What does all this mean? It means that some people really are born with a predisposition for being gay, that doesn't mean they will chose that lifestyle, they may very well not. If not, they may or may not be happy with that choice either. In many regards a good many of those however who live a gay lifestyle and claim they were born that way simply isn't so, but since there are those who really do have such disposition, no one can say that doesn't occur either in nature?

Most of the conservative political positions rest with the fact that the Marriage Act should not be changed to allow for same-sex marriages as it will somehow affect the sanctity and seriousness with which heterosexual couples make this commitment. Furthermore, that marriage is between a man and a woman. The overall impression provided by conservatives is that allowing this bill through parliament would somehow lessen the value of marriage.

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Jesus was surprisingly uninvolved in the political process. The sins that concerned him were those of the self-righteous. If asked of his position on Proposition 8, he would have said "Take the plank out of your own eye before trying to remove the speck from others". He would have said "the tax collectors, prostitutes, and homosexuals are entering the kingdom of god ahead of you". To the group about to stone a gay couple, he would have said "he who is without sin, cast the first stone".

Written by a straight man, this article highlights some of the best reasons to support legalizing gay marriage. Marriage is the key ingredient for a happiness and stability and this shouldn't be denied from gay persons. If America wants to call itself free there simply is no other option.

And yet; that is not our first choice. My experience as being a gay man myself is that we do crave a happy marriage, we do cry, we do hurt, we do bleed, we do get dumped, we do have painfully bad relationships and we do not want to die alone, and many of us also have babies and children we really care about.

Because there is so much involved in this process, and the process results in bringing a new life to this world, for gays the usage of a surrogacy agency is highly recommended. From legal services, to medical advice and psychological counseling, there are many pitfalls couples need to know where experience counts substantially.

As I was watching the broadcast (which I'm sure you'll be able to find by simply Googleing the words "Oprah" and "Gay") I could not help but feel a mixed sense of wonder, happiness, and sadness at the same time. Wonder because it was completely unexpected, and because it resonated in the depth of my being. Happiness because in so many ways it was a public acknowledgement by two very respected spiritual leaders with rather large followings, reaffirming something I've come to know and accept in my life after much pain and several hundreds of hours of therapy: That I was created in the image and likeness of God; that God in me, as me, is me. I felt sadness because I sensed that in so many ways, though much ground has already courageously been gained, there's so much healing that still needs to take place in the Gay and Lesbian community, not just here in South Africa, but all over the world.

So does this mean that only people who intend to or have the ability to procreate can get married? What about a couple that is heterosexual and just decide they don't want to have kids? What about a hetero couple that does not have the ability to have kids? What about a heterocouple that met in their 80s and can't have kids? This argument is moronic. Marriage is a union of two people. It is not simply for the purposes of procreation. And let's not forget, you don't need to be married to procreate so I don't know how those two ever got tied together. There are a few married couples in my family that don't have kids and never will. They are not just productive members of society, but some of the brightest minds you will ever meet. Are they in the wrong for not having kids?

What is our society's stand on interracial gay couples? Exactly where is the fascination originating from? Is the attraction of gay men toward men of a different race simply an act of defiance? Is it simply wanting to break free from the social norms?

This protest march and the others that are planned later in the year could not have come at a worse time for President Obama who is watching his numbers slip in the polls, late night talk show hosts making fun of his non-accomplishments, or the major miscalculation of the Nobel Prize Peace Prize Committee trying to help his political stardom from driving off the world-media cliff. Afghanistan War is turning into a completely bad situation for the president, and he is looking weak in the Arab world, and now will have no respect. Please consider all this.

Now if I made this statement in a heterosexual relationship context, many people would agree, or give me some kind of recognition because we are all born into this world to find the right man/woman and make lots of babies!

I think everyone has that dream, even those who would never admit it or who swear they would never get married. I am willing to bet that pretty much everyone has thought at least once about what their wedding day might be like if and when they meet the right person.

Now remember, this is the gay world we're talking about. Make sure you dress to impress. You don't have to be a Greek god, but you do have to look stylish and put together. Confidence is also key. Nothing is less sexy than someone who lacks self-esteem.

You've made a huge investment in your relationship and it's important to protect it against anything that might interfere with its priority in your life. By doing these simple tasks (well, sometimes they're not all that simple!), you'll be bringing more positive energy and attention to your partnership that will help sustain your "dynamic duo" status.

The right to love is a universal right. In the end nobody can stop you from loving, nobody can stop you from providing a haven of peace to someone in the center of your heart. And by loving your sexuality you will ensure that this right is respected in your life.